Clowning helps us not to take ourselves to seriously. Breaking rules in a safe environment really lets the imagination fly. Engaging with activities that honour the now, obey impulse and unleash inhibitions to become a wise fool is very empowering.

We all have our inner clown so inviting it to come and play is great. Clowning works a lot with physicalization, comedy mime, mask, improvisation, stand up, writing, exploration of emotions, connecting with truthful impulses, listening skills, and self realization.

Clowning provides the opportunity to break out of restriction and invites the imagination, curiosity and the ability to laugh at us.

Benefits of Clowning

  • Laughter is the best medicine and does have a huge therapeutic value
  • Relives depression and anxiety and replaces it with confidence and excitement
  • Enhances general well being and health
  • Opens up the imagination
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Open up communications skills with verbal and non-verbal interaction and body language/movement
  • Enhance and develops physical fitness and strength.

To find out more about Clowning Workshops, contact Bella on 0412991694 or via email