Juggling promotes left/right brain activity, hand eye co-ordination, builds confidence and a sense of achievement while having fun
With juggling workshops participants will learn and make a set of their own 3 juggling balls and be taught or at least attempted to learn how to do the basic juggle routine.
When combined with the clowning workshop there is an opportunity to really enhance performance and laughs.

Benefits of Juggling

  • Apart from fun and entertaining it is healthy for the mind and body
  • Improves eye hand co ordination, motor skills and physical fitness
  • It enhances brain growth and development and improves learning and attention span
  • Stress relief
  • Heightens the senses

To find out more about Juggling Workshops contact Bella Pidcock on 0412 991 694 or email  info@redclaycommunitytheatre.com.au