Red Clay Community Theatre was born from an opportunity to participate in the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) in early 2015. 18months on Red Clay is now a fully-fledged social enterprise/ business servicing Murwillumbah, Kingscliff and the Gold Coast, in facilitating workshops, in the mental and health care sector as well as after school drama classes and private tuition.

As the artistic director of Red Clay Bella Pidcock brings a life that has always had theatre and creativity expression at the heart of it. Be it with playing dress ups at her grandmas, Christmas shows in the living room, local school productions, and her work with Save the Children Australia.

An honours graduate of a BA in Applied theatre at Griffith University Bella had the opportunity to be mentored by theatre luminaries
Neil Cameron- Fire Event @ Woodford Folk festival, Steve Gration- Freelance actor & educator, Dr Michael Foster- Theatre Consultant & Director.
All these coupled with experience in the field through performance, community events and lantern artist for the Glow Festival in 2015 has solidified Red Clay’s name in the arts and cultural sector.

Dr Michael Foster now collaborates with Bella in the continuum of Red Clay Community theatre’s focus using theatre as a therapeutic tool.
As a recent recipient of RADF (Regional Arts Development Fund) grant, Red Clay is now set to launch its production Road to RECOVERY.
The Road to Recovery is a “work in progress,” that is a free event at The Gold Coast Arts Centre, Thursday August 18th in “The Space” venue at 2pm & 6pm

This Showcase in conjunction with Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services and its clients, will weave a journey of recovery through the clients eyes. to experience their journey to the present & focusing there lense on the bright road ahead.
The showcase utilizes world-class local Gold Coast artists Sam Foster @ Hayden Jones (Shock Therapy Productions), Nick Stewart and Nadia Šunde and Josh Holms. We are also fortunate to have acclaimed Brisbane actor and councillor Paul Bishop engaged as peer assessor of the process

Story telling and creative expression is very much the backbone of Red Clay’s mission statement, to enable anyone regardless of gender, age, demographic and ability to embrace and express their story creatively through a variety of art forms using theatre, music, spoken word, and story telling.