After School Drama Classes for children use creative drama and development to build confidence in expressing themselves, relating to others using their voice and body through activities such as movement physical theatre, mime, improvisation and story telling.

The fundamentals of this class is to have fun whilst developing expressive and creative abilities through playing theatre sports, play acting, characterization, comedy, dress ups, scene development, script work,  and story telling.

This class harnesses the imagination and play acting/building skills utilizing props, costume, comedy, mask and story. All this helps then grasp a connection to self and the world.

The Benefits of After School Drama Classes

The benefits are limitless, but drama class helps:

  • Builds confidence (e.g. if a shy child will take on a alter ego or persona)
  • Helps develop language & communication skills
  • Helps them understand the world around them physical develop
  • Encourages children to listen and co-operate
  • Builds imagination and public speaking skills to enhance comprehension, memory and self-expression
  • Develops emotional intelligence
  • Assists physical development and fitness
  • Builds and nurtures friendships
  • Enhances learning through turn taking, problem solving and understanding perspectives
  • Gives the children a VOICE!

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