Childrens’ Theatre Classes offer to empower young people, unleash their potential, help them find and develop their voice and build their confidence both in performance and life skills. We work with the body and imagination, focusing on communication, improvisation, characterization and teamwork. Creative drama classes help to express ideas and feelings through movement, mime, theatre games, story telling and collaboration, physical theatre and working on individual and small group activities.

This is our extensive list of available workshops.

In School Drama Classes

Red Clay Community Theatre can tailor a workshop/term project to your schools specific work/program needs such as, building confidence and self expression, imagination, cooperation, communication skills, empathy, concentration, memory, fitness, emotional outlet, public speaking, and of course fun. Contact Bella for more information.

After School Drama Classes

Red Clay Community Theatre can offer independent or school based After School Drama Classes. This is done through creative expression and play acting, children develop confidence relating to others and self in developing their voice by, expressing ideas & feelings, develop their imagination and learn about feelings through movement, mime, theatre games, mask, physical theatre and story telling. Contact Bella for more information.


Red Clay Community Theatre assists and prepares students for participating in the Drama & Speech sections of local Eisteddfods. From finding what child would like to participate in, to creating pieces that are fun and meaningful to enhance public performance, creativity and self-expression. Contact Bella for more information.

Private Tuition

Red Clay Community Theatre offers individual or small group tuition, for whether it is for public speaking, debates or enhances self-expression or further advance performance/acting skills for public performance, TV/Movie roles or for confidence building. Contact Bella for more information.

Clowning Workshop

Offers a range of comedy, mime, jokes, theatre games, charactization and physical theatre, The emphasis is to find your inner clown and express yourself in a light hearted way. All participants will be awarded with the honorary red clown nose.

Juggling Workshop

 Offers and shows how to make a set of juggling balls and the processes of learning how to juggle. This develops co ordination, fine and gross motor skills and fun.

Lantern Making Workshop

Offers the opportunity to express ones own inner light so to speak by making a simple bamboo pyramid lantern or creating your own shape lantern, You can make a lantern individually or work in a group to make a bigger one. This activity is very popular for Christmas time and special occasions, as it can be painted to represent any event or written on.

Shadow Puppetry Workshop

Offers participants the opportunity to create characters for a story, which can be an already existing story/fable or a real life story to be shared and presented to fellow peers or that special occasion/event e.g. life event- birthday/wedding, school issue e.g. bullying Easter, Christmas, cultural event etc. it involves creating a character on cardboard, giving it characteristics and narrating the story.

Shadow Puppetry Workshops involve:

  • Creating a character,
  • Making the character, and
  • Telling the story.

For full details of availability, workshops and prices please contact Bella Pidcock on 0412 991 694 or email:

Used for Vacational Care Centres, Primary School Curriculum, Special Occasions and Parties

Theatre and Arts Activities can provide entertainment and educational value to a person’s life, building and enhancing already existing skills, confidence, an avenue for self-expression and fun.

You can choose individual workshops or combine 2 together e.g. juggling and clowning or shadow puppetry and theatre workshop.

Minimum duration is 1.5 hrs. with a cost of  $10 per child, with bigger groups price can be negotiable.