Working with people with limited or specific abilities as a result of trauma, addiction or disability, the use of drama has the ability to have a therapeutic affect. Drama invites play and play is innate in all of us no matter what ability. Through play we learn about ourselves and the environment.

Using the simplicity of play, theatre games, music, songs and movement this can help give participants a sense of mastery and achievement, which builds self esteem, social interaction and engagement. Through drama many choices both positive and negative can be explored- without real life consequences harming the participant. Using simple activities such as mime, music, song, play acting, theatre sports, comedy and movement

Benefits of Theatre as Therapy

  • Can invite learning and actor skill development
  • Gives people an opportunity to express themselves
  • It encourages self-awareness, exploration and reflection on feelings and relationships
  • It provides opportunities for clients to learn new skills
  • It initiates spontaneous exploration of personal issues
  • It enables clients to experiment with new ways of thinking and behaving
  • It uses appropriate equipment, materials and therapeutic ‘props’, such as puppets and other objects
  • It offers non-verbal method of working
  • It makes use of all the senses

Services That Could Benefit From This Approach

  • Disability services
  • Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation centres
  • Life skills services
  • Employment agencies
  • Mental and health care sector/services
  • Youth services

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