Red Clay Vacational Care Activities provide an entertaining and educational experience in Arts to children during the school holidays. Vacation Care Centers can choose individual workshops or combine 2 together e.g. juggling and clowning, or shadow puppetry and theatre.

We offer five Vacational Care Workshops which include Theatre Workshops, Clowning, Juggling, Lantern Making and Shadow Puppetry

All workshops have a minimal duration of 1.5 hrs. With a cost of $10 per child this can be negotiated.

Theatre Workshops

We offer a range of theatre based activities including improvisation, theatre sports games, mime, story telling, physical theatre, working on individual and small group activities.

Clowning Workshops

The Clowning Workshops offer a range of comedy based activities including improvisation, theatre sports, comedy, mime and physical theatre. The emphasis is to find your inner clown and express yourself in a light hearted way.

Juggling Workshops

In the Juggling workshops we teach how to make a set of juggling balls and the processes of learning ‘how to juggle’. Juggling develops coordination, fine and gross motor skills and is a fun activity.

Lantern Making Workshops

Lantern Making workshops are a wonderful opportunity to express ones own inner light (so to speak), by making a simple pyramid lantern or creating your ‘own shape lantern’.  We assist the children to either create individual lanterns or work in a group to make a bigger one. This activity is very popular at Christmas time as it can be painted like a tree OR have a story written on it.

Shadow Puppetry Workshops

Participants have the opportunity to create characters for a story, which can be an already existing story, fable, mystery or created from their own life experience, which can then be performed to their fellow peers.

Shadow Puppetry Workshops involve:

  • Creating a character,
  • Making the character, and
  • Telling the story.

PLEASE NOTE:  All of our Vacational Care Activities can be offered independently for special occasions such as functions and parties

For full information contact Bella on 0412 991 694 or email: